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DIY Essentials

After years of DIY projects, these are the tools and products we consistently rely on to achieve a professionally-installed appearance. All products listed below are available on Amazon, often with free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping.
Despite how simple a DIY project may sound, the hidden complexities are often unknown until completion. Spending time planning before starting a project can often cut the time-to-complete in half. Little things like adapters, extension cords, cable management clips, and other seemingly-optional tools can make or break an installation.

Wireless charging for iphone and android - top qi chargers

Top 5 Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhone & Android

What is Wireless Charging? Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge devices without requiring any manual insertion of cables or plugs. Energy is transferred via touch-contact from the 'charging pad' into the back of your iPhone or Android device. Many newer Android phones also support wireless...
AverageTechBlog | Home Automation and Z-Wave Experts

What is Z-Wave? An introduction to smart home networking

Already got your hub set up? Add some devices: Buttons | Sensors | Switches | Security Introduction to Z-Wave Z-Wave is one of two wireless communication protocols used by the SmartThings hub, and is generally the most common home automation network used in the USA. Z-Wave is the...

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