What is Z-Wave? An introduction to smart home networking

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Introduction to Z-Wave

Z-Wave is one of two wireless communication protocols used by the SmartThings hub, and is generally the most common home automation network used in the USA.

Z-Wave is the name of the protocol/network, in comparison to WiFi or Bluetooth. With Z-wave, all devices communicate using the Z-Wave network, and don’t bog down or degrade your home’s WiFi performance.

Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus

You may also see Z-Wave Plus mentioned on newer products – this uses the same network/channels as Z-wave, and is backwards compatible with Z-Wave, but offers improved connectivity and reliability. Think of Z-Wave Plus as version 2.0 of Z-Wave 1.0.

The raw definition of Z-Wave is: a wireless communications protocol used primarily for home automation.

Z-Wave Mesh Networking

Z-Wave is a mesh network that uses low-energy radio waves to communicate from device to device, enabling wireless control of residential appliances and other devices, like smart light bulbs, smart door locks, and more.

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Like other protocols and systems aimed at the home and office automation market, a Z-Wave automation system can be controlled from a wireless keyfob, a wall-mounted keypad or through smartphones, tablets or computers, with a Z-Wave gateway or central control device serving as both the hub controller and portal to the outside.

Global Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance was established in 2005 as a consortium of companies that make connected appliances controlled through apps on smartphones, tablets or computers using Z-Wave wireless mesh networking technology. The alliance is a formal association focussed on both the expansion of Z-Wave and the continued interoperability of any device that utilizes Z-Wave.

It provides interoperability between home control systems of different manufacturers that are a part of its alliance (“The Z-Wave Alliance”). There are a growing number of interoperable Z-Wave products; over 1,700 in 2017, and over 2,400 by 2018.

Recommended Devices for SmartThings

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The SmartThings hub is an example of a Z-Wave gateway that communicates with all of the smart devices in your home using Z-Wave protocol, and consolidates their control to 1 app/product.



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