Cable Management Tools for DIY Home Automation Projects

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Black extension cord running along a white baseboard? Matrix of cables hanging from your new flat screen? Three power strips plugged into each other in the closet?
These types of finishing touches can detract from the hard work and hours it took to setup. A few simple additions focused on cable management, like cable clips or raceways, can give any project a professional appearance.

The good news is, any DIY project can look professional if you follow these 3 simple tips: plan in advance, utilize the proper tools, and take your time.

After years of DIY projects, these are the cable management products and tools we consistently rely on to achieve a professionally-installed appearance.

Cable Loops and Wire Clip Kits

This 60-piece variety pack of adhesive cable clips, straps, and ties provides easy cable concealment under desks and tables, along walls, behind equipment.

In terms of price – at less than 20 cents per clip, the value is unbeatable. The adhesive is standard 3M adhesive tape, but each clip also has a hold in the middle for a screw to provide additional support.

Example Applications

  • Hiding low-hanging wires under tables, desks, counters
  • Securing long runs of wire on walls, floors, and ceilings 
  • Securing light strips to hard surfaces
  • Hide printer, scanner, phone, and computer cables from sight

Other Popular Cable Clip Packs for DIY

If you don’t need 60 pieces, or want different colors or sizes, check out these other cable clip options on Amazon. Consider getting more than you need, because the clips can be broken with too much force, or detach from excessive heat or pressure.

Cable Raceways for Concealment

When you have multiple devices that need power, ethernet, HDMI, etc., it is all too easy to end up with a rat’s nest of cables – visible to all your home visitors and guests. This is why cable raceways are a key component to proper cable management techniques. We’ve linked to our favorite DIY raceway kits below, all available on Amazon.
View all raceway products on Amazon –>

There are many variations of cable raceway kits, ranging from $13 to $25, for roughly 13-15 feet of raceway. Some kits include adhesive backing, other come with a roll of adhesive tape, and some with screws or both.


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