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iPhone 8 Leaked Case PhotosUpdate (5/22)New iPhone 8 (Edition) Photos Leaked Online – confirming the dimension rumors. Read more.
iOS 11 is highly anticipated to officially be announced by Apple in this year’s WWDC event. This significance of this year’s WWDC is because it is the official tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ brain child, the iPhone.

According to the rumors received so far, it seems that iPhone 8 and iOS 11, both of the entities are already under works to fulfill the expectations we have for them, maybe even surpass them.WWDC 2017 Ad Banner Apple The significance of the 10th anniversary creates a reasonable debate between the public, regarding the matter whether iPhone 8 will feature all the goodies or will all three handsets be state-of-the-art design and performance holders?

A number of rumors and report leaks have surfaced online, and it would be safe to say that we are largely familiar with both of the Apple’s new products. Surely, it would be hard for Apple to surprise us by announcing a feature even the rumors didn’t claim of. In case you aren’t completely updated with the latest leaks, rumors, images, and speculations about the iOS 11, this article will completely inform you of what the world is expecting from Apple’s legendary operating system for its smartphone and tablets. We will start with the core features, that can be marked as iOS 11’s flagship introductions, and move on to lesser significant updates.

iCloud Voicemail:

iCloud Voicemail is one of Apple’s heavily useful features, and relatively underestimated, but once you know about its working, you will be inclined to use it. Applications like Whatsapp brought the real use of voice messages first. Though the problem is that, generally it is a bit frustrating to play a ten-second recording and take your smartphone to your ear, listen, and focus again on the chat history to play the next small recording. Simple to speak, it’s considered much better to be able to read a string of messages than to listen to a bundle of voicemails.

iOS 11 iCloud IconApple attempted to resolve this issue cleverly by letting the voicemails transfer to iCloud. These voicemails are then processed by Apple’s algorithms and their equivalent text message is produced and showed to the user. The voicemail feature is the perfect customizability you could imagine, younger people prefer communicating over voicemails, while its harder for older people to read the text on mobile screens. Both of the categories can easily enjoy the best experience upon their preferences.

Right now, the iCloud Voicemail feature is in an experimental, BETA form, iOS 11 is expected to bring a finalized stable build of the feature.

Exclusively 64-bit:

For those who are uninformed about the architecture of a processor, the bit rating of a processor determines the Arithmetic and Logic Processing power (ALU) of the CPU. Higher the number, the more complex processes can be performed easily, ultimately allowing developers to produce high-end applications.

Now, 32-bit architecture is expected to be discarded by Apple, which makes sense too, Apple has always motivated new technology and has never waited to discard the obsolete ones. A dual support operating system will be compatible with more devices, but a sacrifice will have to be made while developing applications compatible for both architectures.

Apple A7 64-Bit Processor Announced
Apple announced the A7 processor at WWDC in 2013, the first 64-bit chip for mobile phones.

Apple has more or less decided to ditch 32-bit support, as we can guess by the warning window that pops up when you install a 32-bit application from App Store. Apple has also allegedly warned developers to stop developing 32-bit applications as the support will be eliminated in iOS 11.

According to rumors, Apple has also decided to perform a detailed cleanup of the App Store, which will involve removal of abandoned applications along with 32-bit applications. Apps that are no longer updated, have 32-bit architecture, fail to meet the new guidelines will all be removed from the Store.

Apple is keen on moving on to the more advanced and capable architecture of app development. There is no doubt, judging by Apple’s actions, that the company will go through with it with the release of iOS. Analytic reports suggest about 8% of App Store’s total application which will be going out the garbage can.

AI-powered Siri:

Apple Siri Digital Assistant IconApple has invested heavily in AI projects, one of them being iPhone and iPad’s voice assistant, Siri. Apple is seeking to make Siri more natural sounding, more capable, more accurate, and increase its capability of understanding the real command between a natural sentence. A report published by Business Insider talked about a group of AI students and professionals working for Apple behind closed doors. The aim of this team is to increase Siri’s natural tone, capabilities, and understanding of normal English language. Expect an unbelievably smart Siri in iOS 11.

Drone-updated maps:

Apple company itself seems to be a great supporter of “Drones for Good” initiative. Bloomberg reported that Apple has acquired an immense stock of professional drones that can be modularly tweaked to attach several kinds of mapping-devices. Apple will surely improve its Maps application and make them more detailed with the imported drone data, which can be refreshed within smaller intervals than a satellite.

Drone Used for Apple Maps
Apple to use drone technology to improve Maps. Stock photo: DJI Drone in-flight

Apple is also reported to be developing an “Indoor Navigation” system to duel against all-time leader in Mapping services, Google. Apple is building a large department of data analyst and processors who can create algorithms to instantly update Apple’s Maps data, using the drone and other robotics’ raw data.

The long-awaited “Dark Mode”:

What could only be provided to iPhone users after jailbreaking their iPhones and installing multiple tweaks, will be available officially in iOS 11. iOS 11 will bring an officially developed Dark Mode, which, being a small display feature, is hyped as one of the flagship features of iOS 11, and for good reason too. The regular white-contrast display is a pain for the eyes after long times of usage, and during night time. iOS 11’s Dark Mode feature will enable you to switch to a dark-contrast theme.

Is my contact available to chat?

Believe it or not, the screenshot informant feature is only the start of Apple’s creativity. In the earlier feature, a user was informed if any of their contact took a screenshot of their conversation on their phone. It turned out to be fun at the start, but in iOS 11, Apple might take it to a much more serious level.

iOS 11 will be loaded with capabilities of communicating between iOS builds on other iPhone devices. This communication will be made when a user will want to know if any specific contact is available to chat at a specific time.

This will be information will be affected by data coming from the sensors, orientation of the contact’s device, sound profile of the user’s device, Siri’s opinion on daily patterns of the contact’s routine and much more. For instance, if Siri has recorded that the user attends a business meeting at 3 in the noon every Wednesday, then it will inform the other iPhone OS that the person is not available to talk right now.

Apple’s own Video Sharing Application:

FaceTime Icon - Apple iOS 11Apple is popular for invading different markets based on different technologies and become the ace in that market. Just like Apple competes Google in the arena of map-related services, Apple is also going to take the business to video-sharing solutions market, according to rumors. This will have Apple closely match wits with already-popular applications including Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram.

iOS 11 seems to be Apple’s baby steps into the world of social networks. According to reports, iOS 11 will introduce a pre-installed first-party video sharing application, which will create Apple’s first social network. This application will have features like applying filters, drawing objects, captions, and music. Apple’s intention is to create an instant video editing software which will be able to record, edit, and send the video to social platforms like twitter and Facebook, all within a minute.


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