Apple iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup

Concept design of the iPhone 8

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The internet has been buzzing about the next generation iPhone. We’ve collected the latest rumors and concepts and put them all in one place.

After review of numerous reports from both analysts and bloggers alike, we’re certain Apple has something big in the works for us. This year is special because it will mark the 10th year of iPhone history. The iPhone model being released next has been commonly referred to as the “iPhone 8” among the public, though it has many names including “iPhone X” and “iPhone Edition” found online. For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to the tenth anniversary model iPhone as iPhone 8 in this article.

Design Rumors of the Next iPhone

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to feature a minimal-bezels display panel, possibly curved screen, virtual home button and much more. Some rumors also suggest that iPhone 8 will feature an edge-to-edge display, which leave no bezels on the front size. Such a display would require Apple to embed the front camera and other sensors within the screen or under it.

Conceptual design of iPhone 8Touch ID is highly anticipated to be embedded inside the screen. Apple has a number of patents regarding IR-sensing LED technology which will be used to achieve this. At the same time, a design paper has also suggested that the Touch ID sensor will be placed at the back of the phone. Like we said, there are over ten iPhone prototypes being tested, nothing is certain.

An edge-to-edge display means that the size of the body will be the same as previous 4.7-inch display iPhones, but instead of the bezels, the while front side will be the screen, making up around 5.5-inches in measurement. Some other rumors claimed the number to be 5.8-inches, with 5.15” of usable screen space after neglecting the space for Virtual home button and function area.

Details of the Rumored iPhone 8 Screen

Apple has signed a huge deal with Samsung to produce OLED panels for iPhone’s upcoming flagship model. Yes, seems like Apple will bid farewell to the LCD screen to replace it with OLED.

An OLED has a lot of advantages too, it will make the final build of the phone extremely thin, more power conservative, and an immensely dense pixel ratio along with more natural colors. Apple’s OLED panel is rumored to be curved according to some reports, but other reports claimed that curved screens are taking a lot of production time, forcing Apple to use straight OLED panels.

There are actually more questions than rumors. When it comes to Apple’s True Tone display (First featured in the Apple iPad Pro models, now anticipated in all of Apple’s upcoming devices). The True Tone system uses ambient light receiver sensors to calculate the intensity of light in the environment of the device. Then the brightness control changes the brightness and contrast of the colors to fit with the environment as closely as possible.

iPhone 8 screen concept design

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumors

As seen in a number of alleged “official” design renders of iPhone 8, Apple is going to bring back the glass body in iPhone 8. This news stays consistent with the fact that Apple is certainly going to introduce wireless charging. The wireless charging feature works less efficiently when a device has a metal back. This is also claimed to be the reason why Apple didn’t reveal the wireless charging feature in previous iPhone models.

iPhone 8’s body will be designed to withstand the standards of water resistance set by IP68 rating. An IP68 rated iPhone will easily withstand rain, water splashes, submersions for over 25 minutes.

Memory on the iPhone 8

Like in every other aspect of the device, there are several rumors about the available storage options to be offered in iPhone 8. Some of the more reliable sources suggest that Apple has made a deal with Samsung to produce NAND flash memory for unknown purposes. iPhone 8 will surely be available in 64-256GB internal storage capacities, but it wouldn’t be unwise to expect more in the high-end model.

iPhone 8 Camera Expectations

The dual camera setup in iPhone 7 is one of the most praised features of the device and there is no way that the setup will be reverted to a single camera on iPhone 8. Instead, analysts believe the cameras will be aligned in a vertical format with the flash in the middle. The horizontal alignment of the dual camera setup allowed only one camera to be fitted inside a hardware stabilization apparatus (OIS), with a vertical alignment with the flash in the middle, it is possible for both cameras to have their own hardware OIS systems supported by the software based OIS systems.iPhone 8 back concept design

In an unbelievable report, it has been claimed that Apple is also testing an iPhone 8 prototype with a dual front camera setup along with the dual camera setup in the back. It seems useless to announce how improved will be the images taken from the front cameras. Apple may also implement a robust 3D sensing system using the front cameras. This system is said to be developed by PrimeSense Technology.

iPhone 8 Rumor Render

Naming the New iPhone

Apple has a unique and consistent methodology of naming its newer models. When Apple increases the whole number of the Model (ex: iPhone 6 -> 7), it indicates a complete redesign and typically includes performance upgrades. While an ‘S’ indicates better performance and software, but usually under the same design. iPhones 3G to 7 are iterative model names, every new number was introduced in even alternation of years. The ‘S’ symbol was added to the model names of the iPhones released one year after the release of numbered models, which means that the ‘S’ models were released in odd years.

By this pattern, the iPhone coming this year should be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, but we have established that this year isn’t like any other in iPhone history. It is also established that the tenth anniversary model will be released this year, along with two traditionally iterative models.

Over the span of this one year, the new, 10th anniversary model iPhone has been called iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro, iPhone Edition, and much more. It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago when Steve Jobs introduced, to the whole world, the first ever iPhone.

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