Compare Schlage Locks: Connect vs. Touch vs. Sense

Before you buy a Schlage door lock for yourself, it’s important to determine which of the three types you need: Schlage Touch, Schlage Connect, or Schlage Sense.

schlage connect touch sense comparison smart door lock

If you’re shopping for a smart door lock from Schlage, you’ve likely seen multiple product lines, and ultimately left scratching your head. We break down the pros and cons, as well as home automation compatibility, of the 3 available Schlage smart lock product families: Connect, Touch, and Sense.

Samsung SmartThings owners should go straight to Schlage Connect. All products with the ‘Connect’ name (i.e. “Schlage Connect Keypad Deadbolt”) are equipped with Z-Wave radios and will be able to communicate directly to a SmartThings hub. No additional hardware, like Nexia, is required for basic operation via SmartThings.

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SmartThings Compatibility

ATB-warning-sign-icon-flatIf you are looking for native compatibility with the Samsung SmartThings hub and app, you can use any Schlage Connect lock, which has a Z-Wave radio for direct communication with the hub.


1. Schlage Connect

SmartThings Compatibility: Natively compatible; Best option for SmartThings
This line of Schlage products contain Z-Wave network communicators, enabling use in home automation systems, including native compatibility with SmartThings. All locks and keypads, under the name Schlage Connect, can connect natively to SmartThings.
  • Grade 1 residential security ratings (*read more)
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • Z-Wave network
  • 100+ user codes
  • Physical key hole for backup/emergencies
  • Backlit display

2. Schlage Touch

SmartThings Compatibility: NOT compatible with SmartThings
This line of Schlage locks is entry-level hardware, not intended for home automation or remote access. Schlage Touch is NOT recommended for smart homes, or SmartThings.
  • Grade 2 residential security rating (*read more)
  • Keyless – this means there is no option to use a physical door key
  • No home automation support
  • No backlit display
  • No built-in audible alarm
  • Fewer customization features (that are available on Connect and Sense)

3. Schlage Sense

SmartThings compatibility: Not natively compatible with Samsung SmartThings
The locks offered under Schlage Sense are the only locks that work natively with Siri and Apple HomeKit — but Schlage Sense is NOT natively SmartThings compatible. These products contain bluetooth communicator chips, and cannot integrate into Z-Wave or Zigbee networks. Schlage Sense locks are Bluetooth smart lock designed for Apple HomeKit ecosystems.
  • Grade 1 residential security rating (*read more)
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • Does not use Z-Wave or Zigbee network
  • Use Siri to unlock or lock
  • 100+ user codes
  • Physical key hole for backup/emergencies
  • Backlit display

What is a “smart door lock”?

These connected devices communicate with your smart home’s hub (like Samsung SmartThings), enabling the ability to lock and unlock a door via your smartphone, iPad, or other services like Google Voice.
*What does Grade 1 and Grade 2 mean?

About Schlage

schlage brand logoSchlage is the leading ‘smart’ door hardware manufacturer in the US, in terms of residential and commercial marketshare. Schlage has multiple product lines for smart-home owners, with the two leading technologies being Schlage Connect and Schlage Touch.

Schlage is owned by Allegion Pioneer Safety, a publicly-traded security products company with 31 brands in their portfolio – with Schlage being the consumer-focused, design-conscious product line. This gives me some assurance the company isn’t going to disappear one day – like my lingering fear of Rachio smart sprinklers.


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