Chamberlin MyQ Garage Door Controller

Chamberlin MyQ Garade Door Controller ATB

Use MyQ to Control Your Garage with SmartThings or webCoRE

The garage door is a common roadblock for home automation, because garage door openers are “dumb”, expensive, and not something you’d want to break. Have no fear! If you pair a SmartThings hub with Chamberlin’s MyQ garage door kit, you can control your garage door remotely, and check its current status. You can even automate it using IFTTT and webCoRE

As of 2020, Chamberlin DOES NOT SUPPORT SMARTTHINGS for Automation. A sad decision for a seemingly perfect SmartThings integrated device.

Technically, you could just buy the MyQ kit and you’d be able to open/close your door using the MyQ app, but not SmartThings or webCoRE… If you want to automate the door within SmartThings, or open it via web hooks/IFTTT, you’ll need to install a device handler from the SmartThings community. But, if you’ve installed custom devices/smart apps before, the process for MyQ only takes about 5 minutes.

Add a Z-Wave Tilt Sensor for Status Reporting

For a proper integration with your dumb garage door, you’ll also want to add a tilt sensor on the interior face of the door. Having this tilt sensor allows SmartThings to poll (or “ping”) the tilt sensor to see the garage door’s current status. This is extremely useful because the Chamberlin MyQ alone can’t provide confirmation that the door successfully opened or closed. In cases where the safety laser is tripped, or the door malfunctions, MyQ’s signal may indicate the door is closed; without the Z-Wave Tilt Sensor, you have no way to verify, even with the MyQ app and/or SmartThings mobile app.

Again, the tilt-sensor is technically optional, but we’ve found it necessary for seamless and frustration-free operation.

MyQ Compatible Garage Door Motors

Check the list below for a list of compatible garage door openers/motors: (or click here to open in new window)Compatible Garage Doors Chamberlin MyQ