Remotec Z-Wave Scene Master Controller

Once you’ve built your initial home automation network, you need to be able to control it! The default (and simplest) way to control Z-Wave and Zigbee devices is with a Samsung SmartThings hub. The SmartThings mobile app offers all of the basic functionality – like toggling power, checking status, changing modes, etc.

Remotec Z-Wave Scene Master Contoller

If you need push-button control of multiple devices, the Remotec Z-Wave Scene Master is the perfect solution.

Important: You will need custom device handlers to use this controller. We paired it with our Samsung SmartThings Hub (Available on Amazon) running a custom piston in WebCore, and can control push & hold actions for each individual button.

Available on Amazon

The ideal setup using the Remotec Controller is to pair it with a SmartThings hub (Buy on Amazon) running WebCore. WebCore will allow you to specify the function of each button. You can set actions based on button push, or button hold actions.

Remotech 8 Button Z-Wave Remote AverageTech

More about the ZRC-90

ZRC-90 Scene Master (Available on Amazon)

  • Requires custom device handler for Samsung SmartThings
  • The ZRC-90 Scene Master is a Z-Wave Central Scene Controller. When one of the buttons on the ZRC-90 is pushed, your Z-Wave central controller will receive a signal which it can use to trigger
  • Supported Command Classes: Device Reset Local, Association, AGI, Battery, Central Scene, Power level, Wake Up


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