Aeotec NanoMote Quad: Multi-function Z-Wave Controller

Released in early 2019, the new Aeotec NanoMote (Available on Amazon) comes natively compatible with Samsung SmartThings, in addition to other Z-Wave Smart Home Hubs, including:

  • Open Z-Wave
  • Zipabox
  • HomeSeer
  • Home Center

Offering 4 physical buttons, each with 2 touch-modes (short press & long press), the NanoMote is an upgrade to the Aeotec WallMote Dual and Quad button controllers. Comparatively, the NanoMote is significantly smaller; measuring about 2-inches by 2/3-inch.

Our favorite feature is the optional PIN lock – useful when the remote controls emergency or critical smart-devices – to avoid accidental activation. The Aeotec NanoMote is powered by a replaceable and rechargeable LIR2450 battery. After about 3 months use, the device will need to be recharged using the included MicroUSB port.

Wireless Range: NanoMotes are designed to be used inside your home and outside of it. To make that possible, they need a wireless signal optimized for distance. NanoMotes can communicate over distances of 328 feet or 100 meters, with signals repeated via Z-Wave when NanoMotes can’t communicate with your gateway directly.

Battery Charging: NanoMotes can be easily recharged via USB; but all batteries eventually get a shorter life span. When that happens, there’s no need to replace your NanoMote. Simply remove the backplate, insert a new LIR2450 3.6 volt battery, and full, rechargeable battery life is yours again.

PIN Lock (New Feature):Accidents happen. But to ensure that NanoMotes aren’t causing them, it’s been crafted with an inbuilt pin lock. Simply hold down your secret combination of button presses to disable your NanoMote and then do the same again to enable it.

Security Features: The NanoMote can control entrances to your home such as garages and door locks, and they do so securely. Each NanoMote includes Z-Wave S2, enhancing the remote control with 3 separate layers of security to help stop hacking, cloning, and unauthorized control.


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