The Ultimate Guide to Buttons for Hubitat & SmartThings

After reviewing over 25 smart buttons for SmartThings and other smart home hubs, we thought it’d be helpful to share our favorite low-cost, simple, effective wireless buttons. All buttons shown below are natively compatible with SmartThings, and utilize Z-wave, Zigbee, and sometimes both.

For even more buttons, check out all available Z-wave buttons on

1. ThirdReality Zigbee Push Button

Our Top Pick for Zigbee Single-Button DeviceBuy on Amazon

The ThirdReality Zigbee smart button device (Available on Amazon) is a reliable, simple, and powerful Zigbee push button device. Powered by 2x AAA batteries, featuring a large single button with 3 supported interaction types (tap, double tap, hold), this button is out top pick for single-button devices to integrate with Hubitat or SmartThings.

We have 6 of these buttons around the house to trigger various automations, and not one has had any connectivity or reliability issues. Adhesive strips are included in the box, and this button is so versatile it can be placed anywhere – on a wall, under a table, on a door.. the possibilities are endless. With a price tag of about $20, these buttons are a steal. Plus, they’re available in 4 different colors: white, blue, red, and yellow.

Product Details

  • Network: Zigbee
  • Mounting: Wall or table mount, handheld, portable
  • Power: 2x AAA batteries
  • Works with Hubitat Elevation hubs and Samsung SmartThings
  • User Manual / Pairing Instructions

Supported Interactions

  • Double tap
  • Single tap
  • Press and hold

Battery & Power

  • 2x AAA batteries
  • 3 year life manufacturer claim
  • 1 year life actual usage

2. Zigbee Multi-Function Button

You can’t go wrong with any of the Samsung or Aeotec branded devices, including buttons. While their functionality doesn’t exceed the basic user’s needs, they’ll always be 100% natively compatible with your SmartThings hub.

Samsung Zigbee Button
Inputs: Tap, Double Tap, and Long Press

The latest iteration of the simple push button from Samsung is elegant, compact, and gets the job done for around $15.

Since this button is natively compatible with your SmartThings hub, adding a new button is simple:

  1. Open the Samsung SmartThings mobile app (iOS, Android) on your phone or tablet.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap ‘Add Device’.
  3. The hub will begin to search for new devices.
  4. Add batteries if necessary for your button.
  5. If you don’t see your device listed in the SmartThings app, try pressing the button or look for a small “Pair” button.
  6. Once you see your device in the mobile app, select it to add a name.

Once paired, you can use the app to configure your button. You could control a single light, light groups, an appliance switch, and any other device that has ‘toggle’ functionality. In addition to devices, the SmartThings button can be used to trigger scenes and other complex automations. You can even control the triggers for this button using webCoRE.

This button is for indoor use only, and will not withstand the moisture from outdoor exposure.

It’s worth noting that Samsung IoT accessories use Zigbee, not Z-Wave, to communicate with your smart home hub. Since the SmartThings hub has both Z-wave and Zigbee, it makes no difference which communication protocol is used.

3. Aeotech WallMote

Aeotech makes a lot of great Z-Wave products that integrate seamlessly with SmartThings. The most popular product is the WallMote – a wall-mounted device and scene controller that comes in two button configurations: 2 buttons (and swipe feature), 4 buttons (no swiping supported).

Aeotech WallMote product overview
Dual Button Aeotec WallMote

The Dual Button Aeotec WallMote is available on Amazon and features four different input methods – ways to interact with the device using your fingers:

  • Single tap
  • Tap and hold
  • Slide up
  • Slide down

Quad-button Wall Mote (4 vs. 2 buttons)

The Quad Button Aeotec Wallmote is available online and features 4 buttons in each quadrant of the device.

The buttons on the Quad remote are smaller than the dual button alternative, which means there is no support for sliding your finger up and down (which you can do with the dual button remote).

4. ‘The Button’ from Fibaro

This bold button from Fibaro, dubbed “The Button”, is hard to miss, and easy to use. Don’t let the simple aesthetic fool you, this button is fully capable and ready to integrate in your smart home.

Fibaro Z-Wave "The Button"
The Button from Fibaro

The product’s name is ‘The Button‘, which makes it hard to reference in writing… nevertheless, The Button has a handy setting option allowing you to set this button up as a panic button or as a scene controller.

In panic button mode, pressing the button can trigger the Smart Home Monitor in SmartThings into alarm/panic mode. In scene-controller mode, pressing The Button can trigger your pre-set scene settings.


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