Party Strobe Lights with Hue Disco App

To get a true disco party going, you’ll need some strobe lights for your dance floor. If you have Hue color lights, you’re in luck!

I use Hue Disco ($3.99) on my iPad to get the party going. Hue Disco for iOS is an app that uses the devices microphone to detect music beats and change light colors accordingly.

When the bass drops, or beat changes, the lights change.

Here’s what my iPad looks like when it’s in disco mode:

Party Mode iPad Screen

On the left, Hue Disco is running and listening to the iPad’s microphone.

You can adjust the speed of change, and the sensitivity of the microphone as well. You can also turn on “Auto Disco” and the app will cycle through various patterns and colors on its own. Pretty handy…

On the right, I have the Sonos app in multi-tasking mode. This way, I can control the lights and music at the same time.

Download Hue Disco today to get rockin’:

Click to Download - Available on the App Store