Video Reviews: Hands on with new iPhone X

The iPhone X is available for pre-order NOW, but before you buy, you might want to check out these video reviews of the iPhone X hands-on. This new iPhone will surely be a huge improvement over the current iPhone 7S, but is it worth $999?

This video below went viral and ended up costing an Apple engineer his job:
Apple has reportedly dismissed an engineer after his daughter’s iPhone X hands-on video went viral on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson published a vlog earlier this week, which included a trip to the Apple campus to visit her father and see an unreleased iPhone X. Peterson’s video was quickly picked up by sites like 9to5Mac, and it spread even further on YouTube.The Verge

iPhone X Availability

Pre-Orders Open: October 27th, 2017
iPhone X Ships: November 3rd, 2017

iPhone X Storage Sizes & Pricing

Retail Price: $999
iPhone Upgrade Program: $49.91/month

Retail Price: $1,149
iPhone Upgrade Program: $56.16/month

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