Review of iPhone 8 Launch Rumors

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The next and probably the most notorious flagship of Apple is just around the corner. The smartphone has a specifically larger significance in the history of the company, as Apple is celebrating iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year.

Apple has been popular for symbolizing a lot of its  significant elements, and many believe that iPhone 8 will be the symbolization of Steve Jobs’ dream that has turned 10 years old now.

iPhone 8 is expected to bring changes to the device that have never been in the previous models, like the wireless charging feature and edge-to-edge display. iPhone 8 will also be the first smartphone in the lineup to arrive without a physical home button.

Currently, it his highly probable that Apple will also release two iPhone models along with the iPhone 8, these two models being the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7s Plus, upgrades to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This article will provide all the information about iPhone 8 that has been revealed yet.

Bear in mind that most of the information you are about to read is extracted from the universe of rumors and leaks, and not all of it may be authentic.

Available colors for the iPhone 8:

Several leaks have hit the social networks on the matter and we can easily conclude that at least three colors will be available for the iPhone 8: white, copper/gold, and black.

iPhone 8 Colors

Of course, we all are used to of the white and black color, the third one is rumored to be a copper or champagne gold. This means that Apple has ditched the famous Rose Gold color that was featured in previous models.

Features of iPhone 8:


Sir Jony Ive, design chief at Apple, has been very enthusiastic about this feature. Sir Ive has been very ambitious about an iPhone that looks entirely like a glass slab, edge-to-edge display technology is probably the first step towards realization of this dream.

Virtual home button:

The single button on the front side of the screen has been one of the most popular distinctive design elements of iPhone. But iPhone 8 will not have a physical home button.

Apple should have hopped the “no buttons on the surface” train long ago, but the edge-to-edge display is probably the feature that pushed Apple to remove the home button. Replacing it is a virtual function bar which will resemble the usage of the touch bar in Apple MacBook, along with carrying a virtual home button.


Plus, the iPhone 8 will wake up when the device is picked up, so you won’t need a physical home button a lot anyway. It is also speculated that Apple will be adding the in-screen Touch ID technology that was patented recently by the company.

Facial Recognition:

iPhone 8 is also expected to arrive with an infrared scanner at the previous place of the home button. The infrared scanner will be used to run facial recognition to unlock the phone. This software is said to be a super fast way of unlocking the device.

The infrared scanner is also rumored to work along with a 3D camera according to few leaks. Confirmations of these rumors started to arrive when developers found a security technology that resembled the behavior of this infrared sensor in HomePod’s firmware, the technology is dubbed Pearl ID.


In the firmware of Apple’s HomePod speaker, another piece of code that caught developers’ eyes is the changes in Apple’s camera software. A new feature named “SmartCam” is expected to arrive in iPhone 8. The SmartCam will make the camera capable of identifying scenes and objects.

Wireless Charging:

Of course, the wireless charging. Since the removal of a headphone jack from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, users with wired headphones have had a hard time listening to music while charging. Introducing wireless charging will eliminate the problem entirely. And of course, wireless charging was a long time due in iPhone.


Release date:

While there has been no official word on the date when iPhone 8 will be officially unveiled by Apple, there has been a lot of chatter suggesting that the upcoming Apple event in California on 12th of September will be the even where curtains will be lifted from iPhone 8.

The invitations to this event were sent to journalists in August, inviting the said journalists to the new Apple Park headquarters of Apple at 10 am Eastern Time.

If the base assumption that iPhone 8 will be revealed on September 12th turns out to be true, it would be safe to assume that iPhone 8 will hit the stores a week later.

At least, that has been the usual tradition. Rumors did surface that iPhone 8 is going to face delays in production, but Apple has dismissed these rumors.

How much will the new iPhone cost?

iPhone 8 is expected to cross all previous records of iPhone’s prices. Expert analysts have suggested that Apple iPhone 8 could easily cross the $1,000 price range.

An executive at Apple also “sort of” confirmed this speculation when he stated that iPhone 8 “will not be cheap”.



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