Hands-On Review of iOS 11

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Apple is planned to refresh a nearly all of its existing hardware and software this year. On the hardware side, we have refreshed MacBooks, new budget iPad, three upcoming iPhone models, as well as the next generation Apple Watch. In terms of software, the big announcement everyone is waiting for is iOS 11.

Improved Multitasking using the iOS 11 Dock

Apple has huge hopes for its new iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. Apple has been reportedly trying to enhance their tablets so that they can be used as alternatives to laptops, and many people already have taken the step. In order to make iPad an alternative to laptops, it must have a super-easy multitasking mechanism. Thus far, multitasking has been the largest limiting factor preventing users from ditching their traditional laptops and adopting iPad as their primary computing device.

ipad multitasking on ios 11

The dock in iPad will be a huge help for the users to jump around from one application to another. In addition to the dock, the multitasking menu is also now accessible via the dock, and is now arranged as a grid, making it easier for the users to operate.

New Drag and Drop Makes Multitasking a Breeze

Perhaps one of the most useful operations arriving in iPads with the iOS 11 is the drag and drop feature. You can now drag items like text, photos, hyperlinks, and files, and place them to the other side of the split-screen to transport items from one application to the other. The feature is beyond the standards of even the best android tablet in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Apple Files Open to Box, Dropbox, and More

iOS 11 will debut a new Files application that will be able to access numerous cloud drives and arrange all your documents and data in a single platform. Along with iCloud, iPad, and other iOS devices, the new Files app will be able to access your Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox account.

New Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

Currently the virtual keyboards in both the android tablets and the iOS tablets have a second layer which has to be separately accessed in order to use punctuation marks and numbers. Many manufacturers have tried different ways of making this punctuation marks and number more accessible in lesser time. None of the methods were satisfying to users.

The new way of accessing special characters featured in iOS 11 is another gamble, but there’s little doubt Apple won’t impress use. Instead of switching between two layers of the keyboard, all a user would have to do is to flick the button downwards to access the assigned special character instead of the alphabet on that button. Similar to the current iOS 10 functionality that allows a user to tap and hold on a character to expose its special variations.

iMessages in iOS11 Solves Common “Out of Memory” Problem

iOS 10 Out of Storage Message

iMessages will now also feature flawless synchronization with iCloud instead of storing the messages on the device’s storage. It means that one iMessages panel will be displayed throughout all of your Apple devices, and deleting a conversation from one device will also remove the conversation form the remainder of devices. The application will also now take up its space on the cloud instead of taking the space from your device storage, which is usually a lot for users who rely on texting.

A Smarter, Natural Sounding Siri

It was rumored earlier this year that Apple is working on shifting Siri to an AI engine and make it smarter, more useful, and more natural sounding. Siri in iOS 11 will now be available in both male and the female voices, chosen by the user upon setup.

The method that Apple chose to make Siri sound more natural is that each word has now different notes in which it can be pronounced. So, instead of just a single robotic pronunciation, Siri has multiple tones to deliver sentences.

iOS 11 Combines Lock Screen and Notification Center:

The notification center and the lock screen in iOS 11 are now going to be on the same page, both literally and figuratively. Swiping on the display while the lock screen is activated will bring out the notifications you received earlier in the day. This is another attempt by the iOS 11 to make accessibility more easy and quick.

iOS 10 vs iOS 11 Lock Screen Notification Center

iOS 11 Release Date

While the developers enrolled in Apple’s developer program have access to a the current iOS 11 beta, the stable “Golden Master” version of the operating system will be launched quite soon. Many are expecting that iOS 11 will be released along with the new Apple iPhone 8 at the Apple event taking place in Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12th.


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