New iPhone 8 Bezel Design with OLED Display

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What to expect: The iPhone 8’s Bezel-less design and OLED Display

The first four months brought the steaming action of Android smartphone developers’ flagships. These flagships included Samsung’s amazing Galaxy S8, LG’s top class G6, and other highlighted releases from Nokia, Xiaomi, and many more. Now that Android smartphones have dropped off from the rumor mill, all attention is on Apple.

Not only are we expecting the notorious iPhone 8, but we’re also looking forward to two other iterative releases of iPhone (iPhones 7S and 7S Plus), new MacBook Pro models, including the rumored 15-inch refresh, and a new iPad model.

Of course, even Apple isn’t immune to leakage of information vital for us curious ones. There have been countless rumors about Apple’s iPhone 8 (also known as iPhone X and iPhone Edition) and its design traits, performance parts, and the new bezel-less display that Samsung and LG have featured in their flagships too.

Leaked Image: iPhone 8 OLED Screen Bezel

Diagram showing iPhone 8 Design with No Bezel

“This leaked image purports to be a page from the packaging paperwork, which instructs users how to swap SIM cards. Most notably, this leak includes the expected screen design: almost bezel-less apart from a notch at the top of the device to accommodate the earpiece and front camera sensors.” As reported by

For comparison, this is what the packaging looked like for the iPhone 7, which does have a standard screen edge with bezel:

iPhone 7 Packaging and Unboxing

Design Expectations:

The most important change that will differentiate Apple’s iPhone 8 with other smartphones is the removal of home buttons. It is a pretty bold statement to issue, especially when we know that this year’s android smartphone flagships are loaded with virtual home buttons. No, it’s not the removal of iPhone 8’s home button that is the step into the future, iPhone 8 is highly anticipated to feature a Touch ID scanner “embedded inside the lower area of the screen”, pretty convincing now, isn’t it?

That’s not all, where there used to be physical Home Button, could be a virtual Home Button, and a function area. A reserved space on the screen which will contain functions like the touch bar in MacBook Pro. All this will be packed inside a 5.8” OLED display panel which is also rumored to cover the entire front side of the device – that is, with no bezel edge. Embedded sensors, microphones and speakers are also rumored from time to time, but it seems unlikely that Apple will pack all that in a device without making it ridiculously expensive to build.Conceptual Rendering of iPhone 8 with no Bezel

Another note worth mentioning, Apple has shown no signs of bringing back the headphone jack, the AirPods are expected to be a permanent thing in Apple’s future products. Although it is rumored that Apple will include the AirPods in the packaging of their iPhone 8.

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