iPhone 8 Expected to Cost $1,000+

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The expectations for iPhone 8 launch include a hefty price, possibly setting a new record for highest iPhone retail price. Most predictions indicate the OLED iPhone 8 will be marketed as the ‘Premium’ model, with the 7S and 7SP being the more affordable device tiers.

The secrecy of the iPhone launch has made it difficult for analysts to agree on pricing. Although from trusted and reliable sources, these predictions are pure conjecture.iPhone 8 Home Button No Bezel

iPhone 8 Price Predictions

The storage options for the new lineup aren’t expected to change, with models available in 128GB and 256GB capacities. Simona Jankowski, analyst at Goldman Sachs, believes the retail prices of these capacities will be:

  • iPhone 8 128GB = $999
  • iPhone 8 256GB = $1,099
  • Today’s iPhone 7 Plus = $969

Contrary to Jankowski’s beliefs, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich predicts more competitive pricing of the iPhone 8:

  • iPhone 8 64GB = $850
  • iPhone 8 256GB = $950
  • Today’s Samsung Galaxy S+ = $850



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