Uber to Open Mall Kiosks Nationwide

After a test run in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Uber is set to open mall kiosk locations in several major cities across the country. One of Uber’s major hurdles is driver sign up and driver retention.

The transient and temporary nature of the gig economy, lower driver pay as they try to reach profitability, and a plethora of negative press has all left Uber with a shortage of qualified drivers that it desperately needs if it wants to continue to grow.

Enter the face to face sales pitch. For the last year Uber Uber has been running test sites at several malls across San Francisco and Los Angeles. The idea is simple, put salespeople in front of potential partners, pitch them on the benefits of driving for Uber, and help walk them through the sign up and on-boarding process.

photo uber mall kiosk

Becoming an Uber Driver

A lot of people think about driving for Uber. They may even go as far as to go through the initial sign up. It’s after this initial first step that things start to get shaky. First off, not everyone can drive for Uber.

You need to be at least 21 years old and been driving for a minimum of one year. Your car must be a four door vehicle, in good cosmetic condition and must pass a vehicle inspection.

You must personally pass a criminal background check and be able to show documentation including a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance and proof of your vehicle’s registration.

To complete these steps often requires partners to check in at one of Uber’s 150+ office locations multiple times. All of these steps are designed to protect the drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

sample uber mall kiosk

How Kiosks Will Help Uber

To combat this, Uber is hiring sales staff to man mall kiosks in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, and expanding their footprint in Los Angeles.  Instead of clicking on a banner ad or browsing the Uber website at home, potential drivers will be met by an actual person ready to answer all of their questions and assist them as they navigate the process.

Instead of selling a product, Kiosk employees will be selling the benefits of Uber. They’ll discuss earnings potential, safety protocols, and perks such as Uber’s phone plan, fuel card program and others.

Once a prospective driver has agreed to sign up, they will be guided through the process of getting on the road. Managers will be able to track an individual salesperson’s sign ups throughout the entire process and the employee will be paid a commission for each driver he or she successfully gets on the road.

With a successful launch in San Francisco last year, it remains to be seen if these kiosks will succeed nationwide. Cold calling mall shoppers as they pass by seems like a daunting task, but having some face time with someone dedicated to helping you clear all the hurdles might just do the trick.

Uber Kiosks will begin opening this spring.



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