HTC Announces U11 Smartphone

HTC Website Phone FeaturesHTC has finally announced the smartphone that refreshed the chain of HTC’s flagships today. To ensure that the new hero’s name confirms that this new smartphone is the successor to HTC 10 – the previous flagship – HTC has named it HTC U11. Now, although with the fastest innards in town (including Snapdragon 835 chipset) what makes HTC U11 is already quite an impressive phone, but what makes it unique is something completely different.

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Edge Sense

HTC U11 will most definitely be remembered by the initiated-by-squeeze technology, now called the Edge Sense. Edge Sense is able to detect how hard the holder squeezes the frame of the phone while holding, and perform different actions based on the data. A few squeezing might get you to Google Assistant’s page, for instance. Also, the Sense Companion feature has also not been removed in U11, those who loved the feature in HTC U Ultra should be happy.

360º Recording on HTC U11

U11 is also going to feature a 360 real-life audio recording, which is actually powered by four separate microphones inside the phone. HTC U11’s sound is probably one of the most stunning sounds produced in smartphones, this has been achieved by letting the earpiece play the role of a tweeter, while the speaker on the bottom is provided functionality to produce real bass.


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Performance and Hardware

Think 4GB of Ram, 64GB of internal memory, all powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the latest and greatest by the microprocessor manufacturing company. Is it not enough? There’s more behind the curtains, the same processor, powering 6GB of RAM with 128 GB of internal memory is also available.

A Gorilla Glass 5 protects the QHD Super LCD 5 display panel on the HTC U11. 12 MP main camera is featured in HTC U11 with hardware based optical image stabilization, dual-tone flashes, and 4K recording support, while the 16 MP front camera supports Full HD video recording at 1080p, along with stunning selfie snaps.

HTC U11 Video Review – Hands on with TechRadar

HTC U11 Tech Specs

HTC U11 Technical Specifications


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