Colorware Creates Macintosh iPhone

There has always been a small portion of the cell phone accessory market that is interested in the excessively expensive products. Cases made of platinum, phones coated in gold, diamonds, etc. While there are no jewels or precious metals on this phone, it comes with a killer look that is exclusive and reminiscent of the early Apple days. Get ready to cough up a whopping $1,899 for the “Retro” iPhone 7+, which has 256GB and comes unlocked.


Coloware is a company that paints electronics to customize them. You can buy the device from them, or you can send your own pre-owned device in for painting. Colorware also makes skins for devices, including MacBooks, headphones, game consoles, and phones. Founded in 2000 by CEO Justin Cisewski, Colorware currently has offices in Winona, Minnesota.

What?Colorware Retro iPhone 7+

Colorware has created a paint scheme for the iPhone 7, dubbed the “iPhone 7+ Retro”. The design mimics the look of the original 1980’s Mac, including the classic multi-colored Apple logo. The first 25 devices have a number of authenticity (already sold out at time of publication), and each purchase includes EarPods as an added bonus. The iPhone 7+ must be purchased thru Colorware and has a non-negotiable capacity of 256GB. Listed price is $1,899 USD.


Colorware claims the devices will begin to ship in 3 weeks. If I purchased one today, I would expect it to arrive by the 21st of April.

Interested in getting your hands on an iPhone 7+ Retro?

You can pre-order today on Colorware’s website.
Colorware ships to 100+ countries and accepts major credit cards.


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