What is McDonald’s new STRAW?

McDonald’s announced a groundbreaking new product this year as a part of their St. Patricks Day promotion. This will change the way we consume Micky-D’s for the rest of our lives…

Reality Check

Ok, maybe not. But the name itself might convince you otherwise: McDonald’s “Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal” (aka “STRAW”) is designed to solve the riveting globally-recognized issue caused by milkshakes that are too frozen. (you know- when you try to suck down a chocolate milkshake but have to wait minutes for it to thaw and flow easily up the straw)

McDonald’s partnered with engineers from JACE and NK Labs to invent the STRAW, which stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. The STRAW’s j-shape provides optimal flavor flow dynamics to deliver the perfect mix of mint and chocolate flavor in the seasonal McCafé Chocolate Shamrock Shake.

Problem Solved – Thank You McDonald’s

“While a conventional straw will only slurp up one part of the shake at a time, engineers from JACE Engineering and NK Labs carefully engineered the STRAW’s J-shaped snorkel design and side openings to suck in both layers at once. According to McDonald’s, their new tubular sipping device required some fairly complex computational fluid dynamics simulations to get the flow right and make sure it works just as well at the bottom of your shake as it did on the first sip.” -Engadget 

The next-generation shake-sucking-stick is available in limited quantities at select McDonald’s location for customers who purchase a Chocolate Shamrock shake.

For those who can’t resist the temptation of science-backed junk food consumption – reps for McD’s tells us to check mcdonalds.com (or this post) over the next 2 weeks to discover the nearest storefront with the STRAWs in stock.


Ready to get your hands on one now? The dates and locations are now published and available here.


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