Motion sensors are valuable when it’s important to know when people enter or exit a room. There are many options available, but when it comes to SmartThings, the simplicity and native compatibility of the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus pet-immune motion detector can’t be beat. At time of publishing, this motion sensor was available on amazon for about $40.

Ecolink Z-Wave Motion DetectorAny pet-owner who has tried motion sensors knows how difficult it can be to prevent false alarms triggered by your furry friend moving around. This is where the Ecolink motion sensor wins – it has the best pet detection I’ve been able to find. The owner’s manual says the unit will ignore motion for objects under 55 pounds. We’ve tested it with cats and small dogs, and haven’t had a single false alarm!

The Ecolink Z-Wave Plus motion sensor is fairly small (dimensions), and very durable. I accidentally dropped one from 4ft, onto wood floors, and it survived the fall with no visible damage, and retained 100% functionality.

Available on Amazon

Ecolink Motion Sensor Features

  • Pet immune: no motion alerts from pets under 55 pounds (works great with my 20 pound cat)
  • Battery powered: 3V Lithium CR123A (Claim from manufacturer of 5 year life)
  • Compact formfactor: 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.8 inches
  • Lightweight and easy to mount (4.8 ounces)
  • Compatible with most Z-wave security hubs (1-tap to setup with SmartThings – no custom device handler)

Ecolink Motion sensor features


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