Zooz Heavy Duty Z-Wave Power Switch

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Indoor Appliance Controller

The Zooz Z-Wave Plus appliance controller (available on Amazon) is our top choice for all appliances application of Z-wave controllers. Use this switch to toggle power for portable air conditioners, temporary lighting, and more.

This switch from Zooz is for indoor use onlyIf you need an outdoor outlet option, you should consider the GE Outdoor Z-Wave Outlet Controller (Available on Amazon).

Zooz Appliance Outlet Switch

This outlet controller from Zooz is natively compatible with SmartThings, which means no custom device handlers or coding is needed to get setup. Be sure to stand near your hub when pairing, otherwise installation is a breeze and takes less than 60 seconds!

Examples of appliances you can control with this switch: portable air conditioner, exhaust fans, auxiliary lighting, extension cords, TVs and monitors, and more.

Product Features

  • Capacity: 110V devices/appliances
  • Native compatibility with SmartThings
  • 45 degree angled plug (leaves 2nd wall outlet accessible)
  • Indoor user only
  • Operating temperatures: 14° – 104°F
  • Network: Z-wave Plus (built-in repeater)

Why does ‘heavy duty’ matter?

If you’ve ever tried to use a standard Z-wave outlet plug to control a high-voltage appliance, you know it’s a guaranteed method of ruining devices (ex: using a standard 3-prong Z-wave outlet to control a mini-split A/C unit).

Zooz Appliance Outlet Switch

While it mat not spontaneously combust at first, the internal temperature will rapidly reach dangerous levels. After a few minutes, the internal components will burn out and the outlet control switch will be rendered useless. To take it a step further, assuming the worst, your house could burn down.

All the more reason to spend a few extra dollars to invest in a Z-wave outlet control module that is designed specifically for appliances. The term “appliance” refers to most large, heavy-duty, or always-running devices that have a grounded, three-prong outlet plug.

It’s important to look for indoor/outdoor specific models; you never want to use an indoor module where there is above-average moisture or humidity.



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