New Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lighting

Philips Hue is the leader in smart, colored lighting solutions for residential and DIY projects. While Hue products are on the higher end of the price spectrum, their quality and durability easily justify the price tag. Compared the cheap, LED light strips and wireless remotes, the Philips Hue product line is leaps and bounds ahead.

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Easily integrate with your smart home hub, like Samsung SmartThings, or control your Hue lights with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Hue products are natively compatible with smart home hubs, and require minimal in-app setup – generally 1 minute or less per light.

After dominating the indoor lighting market, Philips partnered with Calla and Lily to create an entire line of smart lighting products designed for outdoor use.

Hue Outdoor Spot Lights

Hue Outdoor Spotlights

Hue’s recently introduced 3-pack outdoor lighting solution is compact, discreet, and as easy to setup as all the other Hue products. The 3-pack starts at around $300 on Amazon, and comes with everything needed to setup right out-of-the-box.



The Hue outdoor LED spotlight shines at a 600 lm, which is roughly equivalent to a 50W incandescent light bulb. Each spotlight can independently, or synchronously, change to any of the 16 million available colors using the Hue mobile app, or SmartThings smart app.

Hue Outdoor Spotlights are powered by a “Lily Power Cord” which can support up to 5 lights per plug. This means, if you plan to install more than 5 light fixtures, you’ll need a second power cord.

Add-on Outdoor Spotlight

You can buy additional lights to add to your setup, although the 3-pack is the most cost-effective bundle purchase option. The power cord supplied with the 3-pack of Hue Outdoor Spotlights, or Hue Outdoor Pathway lights, is capable of powering up to 5 lights. If you only want spotlights, you can add up to 2 additional lights.

Extension Power Cable for Hue Outdoor Lights

If you need to extend the run of the cable powering your Hue Outdoor lights, you can pickup the extension cable for on Amazon.

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

In addition to outdoor spotlights, Hue offers a modern, compact pathway light to illuminate footpath areas at night. The Outdoor Pathway light from Philips Hue starts is available on Amazon.

The pathway light uses the same power cord (Lily Power Cable) as the spotlights, so you can power 3 spotlights and 2 pathway lights using 1 power cable (Note: the max lights per power cable is 5).

Add-on Pathway Lights

Similar to the spotlights, you can purchase standalone add-on pathway lights to add to your Hue outdoor setup. A single power cable can power up to 5 pathway/spot lights. If you need more than 5 lights, you’ll need to pickup another power cable base unit, which is only available in the bundled packs.




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