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The Average Tech Blog is your one-stop-shop for iPhone rumors, upcoming features, and product news. Stay tuned for the latest rumors of what Apple is going to release next.

The new iPhone has been announced!

iOS 11 Release Icon Artwork

Pre-Release Rumors: iOS 11

The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more Update (5/22): New iPhone 8 (Edition) Photos Leaked Online - confirming the dimension rumors. Read more. iOS 11 is highly anticipated to officially be announced by Apple in this year’s WWDC event. This significance of this year's WWDC is...
Rendering of iPhone 7S and iPhone 8

New iPhone 8 Bezel Design with OLED Display

The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more What to expect: The iPhone 8’s Bezel-less design and OLED Display The first four months brought the steaming action of Android smartphone developers’ flagships. These flagships included Samsung’s amazing Galaxy S8, LG’s top class G6, and other...
iOS 11 launch banner averagetechblog

Hands-On Review of iOS 11

Apple is planned to refresh a nearly all of its existing hardware and software this year. On the hardware side, we have refreshed MacBooks, new budget iPad, three upcoming iPhone models, as well as the next generation Apple Watch. In terms of software, the big announcement everyone is waiting for is iOS 11.
iPhone 8 Concept Rendering

iPhone 8 Launch Expectations: Memory, Camera, Price

The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more iPhone X Performance and Memory: iPhone has been fairly successful in creating an ultimate line of chipsets especially for their iPhone, the A-series chipsets. It is highly anticipated by influential analysts that iPhone 8 will feature...
Conceptual Design of iPhone 8 Rumors

iPhone 8 Rumors from KGI Research

Rumors of the iPhone 8 have been circulating the internet, including speculation from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. iPhone 8 Screen and Form-factor Kuo claims the new 2017 iPhone will feature a 5.8-inch display - taking up the entire front panel of the device. This effectively eliminates...
Apple Store New York

iPhone 8 Expected to Cost $1,000+

The expectations for iPhone 8 launch include a hefty price, possibly setting a new record for highest iPhone retail price. Most predictions indicate the OLED iPhone 8 will be marketed as the 'Premium' model, with the 7S and 7SP being the more affordable device tiers.
Wireless Charging iPhone 8 ATB

2017 Apple iPhone Product Releases: iPhone X, iPhone 8, and more

2017 iPhone X and iPhone 8 Launch Apple held an invite-only product announcement event September 12, 2017 in the Steve Jobs Theatre. During the event, Tim Cook and other Apple executives took the stage to introduce the following new products: iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus ...
Gather Round iPhone XS event invitation

Apple ‘Gather round’ Launch Event: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and Watch

Updated 9/12/2018 @2:18pm: The iPhone XR has been announced! Read the full recap: iPhone XR Recap Apple is hosting an event, called “Gather round”, at the Steve Jobs theaters on the new Apple Campus in Cupertino, California, on September 12th, at 10am Pacific Time. The expectation is...
iPhone X Product Launch

iPhone X Launch Recap

Today Apple announced three new iPhones. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”). Here are the details of the iPhone X announced today: Availability Pre-Orders Open: October 27th, 2017 iPhone X Ships: November 3rd, 2017 Storage Sizes & Pricing 64GB Retail Price: $999 iPhone Upgrade Program: $49.91/month 256GB Retail...
iPhone X Renderings

Why the iPhone X Costs Over $1,000

The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more iPhones have been usually expensive when compared to the most expensive android smartphones of the time. But never has an iPhone been so expensive as to hit the $1,000 price mark, and we have expectations...

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