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      The latest technology news circulating the web, including coverage of Apple iPhone and Mac, Google, Amazon, home automation and more. Read about new iPhone 8 rumors and expectations of upcoming launch.

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      Apple Store New York

      iPhone 8 Expected to Cost $1,000+

      The expectations for iPhone 8 launch include a hefty price, possibly setting a new record for highest iPhone retail price. Most predictions indicate the OLED iPhone 8 will be marketed as the 'Premium' model, with the 7S and 7SP being the more affordable device tiers.

      iPhone 8 Release Date: Confirmed

      The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more iPhone 8 Announcement: September 12, 2017 iPhone 8 Retail Availability: September 22, 2017  November 3rd, 2017 Updated 8/28/17: According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will hold a product event September 12, 2017. The event will take...

      Apple Watch Release to Focus on Health and Fitness

      The Apple watch has been wildly successful and accepted by consumers around the world. Since it’s release in early 2017, Apple Watch (Watch) is on pace to break the record of the original iPhone. Apple Watch has single handedly thrown-off the crowns of dedicated...
      iPhone 8 Concept Rendering

      iPhone 8 Launch Expectations: Memory, Camera, Price

      The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more iPhone X Performance and Memory: iPhone has been fairly successful in creating an ultimate line of chipsets especially for their iPhone, the A-series chipsets. It is highly anticipated by influential analysts that iPhone 8 will feature...
      Apple iPhone with AirPods

      Will iPhone 8 have a headphone jack?

      The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more The Change to Headphones Hear 'Round the World Get ready to say goodbye to your drawer of old iPhone headphones - that drawer we all rely on when we head out for a jog but can't...
      Rendering of iPhone 7S and iPhone 8

      New iPhone 8 Bezel Design with OLED Display

      The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more What to expect: The iPhone 8’s Bezel-less design and OLED Display The first four months brought the steaming action of Android smartphone developers’ flagships. These flagships included Samsung’s amazing Galaxy S8, LG’s top class G6, and other...

      The Future of Digital Assistant AI

      Siri and Google Now have been in the wild for a while now and Microsoft recently came out with its own take on a personal voice assistant - Cortana. While these digital assistants are useful sometimes it is undeniable that voice isn't the most...
      iPhone 8 Leaked Case Photos

      New iPhone 8 (Edition) Molds Leak Online

      The new iPhone has been announced! Click to read more A number of photos were tweeted on May 22, allegedly showing molds of the highly anticipated 2017 iPhone lineup. These photos show the sizes of the iPhone 8 (aka "X"/"Edition") compared to the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Expectations...
      Rideaustin and Uber in Austin Texas

      Uber and Lyft Return to Austin, TX

      The City of Austin, arguably the most progressive county in the state of Texas, passed a city ordinance last May requiring drivers on rideshare apps to be fingerprinted by the state prior to picking up passengers. Uber and Lyft threatened to leave the city if...
      uber app taxi rideshare

      Uber to Open Mall Kiosks Nationwide

      After a test run in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Uber is set to open mall kiosk locations in several major cities across the country. One of Uber’s major hurdles is driver sign up and driver retention. The transient and temporary nature of the gig...