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DIY Essentials

After years of DIY projects, these are the tools and products we consistently rely on to achieve a professionally-installed appearance. All products listed below are available on Amazon, often with free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping.
Despite how simple a DIY project may sound, the hidden complexities are often unknown until completion. Spending time planning before starting a project can often cut the time-to-complete in half. Little things like adapters, extension cords, cable management clips, and other seemingly-optional tools can make or break an installation.


101+ Clever & Funny Wifi Network Names (running list)

1. Mom, Click Here for Internet 2. Bill Wi the Science Fi 3. Abraham Linksys 4. Keep it on the Download 5. Drop it like it’s Hotspot 6. TheWorldWasWifiEnough 7. B(.)(.)bies ...over 100 more.