CarPlay Now Available with Alpine’s iLX-107 Infotainment System

How Alpine is Brining CarPlay to the Masses

Hyundai Sonata with Apple CarPlay on screen
Hyundai Sonata with Apple CarPlay on screen

Apple CarPlay was introduced in with iOS 9, but support from automakers has been slow to pick up. Recently at the Detroit Auto Show, Audi, Honda, GM, and a few others introduced 2018 models that would support CarPlay, but you’d have to shell out for a new model year and wait for 2018’s to be available.

Alpine Announces CarPlay Compatibility

This week at the 2017 International CES, after-market audio manufacturer Alpine solved the CarPlay availability issue by introducing the Alpine iLX-107. Before getting too excited, take a look at the $900 price tag… The good news here is that CarPlay has hit the aftermarket products market, meaning its availability will spread rapidly as other producers cash in on the trend.

Why CarPlay?

The benefits of CarPlay include text messaging integration with your vehicle, Apple Maps, Phone, Music, iBooks, and Podcasts, as well as third-party apps such as iHeartRadioSpotify, CBS Radio, Rdio,, and Audible.

9to5Mac Goes Hand-On with the iLX-107

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