What does “Sent with Fireworks” mean?

Sent with what?

If you see something like “(sent with fireworks)” in your text messages, it’s because someone has sent you an animated message using Apple iMessage – from an iPhone or Mac.

If you see (sent with fireworks) in a text message, someone tried to send you an animated text message but you can’t see it because:

  • You’re not using an iOS devices (i.e. Android)
  • Your iPhone is running a super old version of iOS (pre-iOS 10)
  • You’re using SMS and not iMessage to send text messages (indicated by green chat bubbles, instead of blue)
    • Animations are a special Apple feature – they only work when using iMessages between two iOS/Mac OS devices

As a recipient with iOS 10 or later, you will see the animation when you read the text for the first time (note: not visible on Watch). You can also tap “Replay” within the chat window to see the animation again.

What it looks like to receive an iMessage with animated background

How to send an animated text message

  1. In iMessage, once you’ve typed your text, press and hold the blue “send” button (with the upward-facing arrow)
  2. Use the slider at the top of the screen to choose “bubble” or “screen” effect
  3. Tap or swipe to preview the animations/effects
  4. Tap the blue send button to send the message! Your recipient will see the effect when they open the text on an iPhone or Mac



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