Advanced IoT Buttons: Logi Pop & Flic

Logi Pop Button + Hub

Starter Kit for [amazon_link asins=’B071GR172S’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9815f12e-f417-11e8-9064-abc43b38a744′]

The Logi Pop smart button is, by far, the most aesthetically pleasing IoT push button. However, this beautifully designed smart button requires an additional hub for basic remote operation. To achieve an experience comparable to a native SmartThings device, you’ll need to use a custom device handler & smart app, on top of IFTTT web hooks.

Logi Pop Button Color Options

A single button starts at [amazon_link asins=’B01JO8TLMQ’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’90983f3d-f439-11e8-81d6-dbc29993233a’].

Samsung SmartThings LogiPop Button

This button is for advanced home automation users: custom SmartThings device handlers and IFTTT webhooks are required for complete ST integration. 

The Logi Pop button is available in four different colors:

  • White
  • Coral
  • Teal
  • Alloy

Multiple product packages are sold in the US, and available on Amazon, including:

  • Starter kit (2 buttons+hub) [amazon_link asins=’B071GR172S’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’732555f7-f439-11e8-b29f-318b6f433186′]
  • Stand-alone button [amazon_link asins=’B01JO8TLMQ’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’90983f3d-f439-11e8-81d6-dbc29993233a’]

[amazon_link asins=’B071GR172S,B01JO8TLMQ,B077MRM2XR’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a6048fb8-f439-11e8-a6a1-3da83e748044′]

Flic Bluetooth Multi-Function Button

Starting at [amazon_link asins=’B06Y63VZT7′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’821fba30-f423-11e8-add0-27d405258f0c’] on Amazon

Flic Button for SmartThingsFlic is the smallest wireless home automation button we’ve been able to find, but it comes with a few caveats. This button relies on a constant connection to a nearby iOS or Android device, using low-energy Bluetooth. This restriction limits the possible smart home implementations to room with:

  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch present (i.e. mounted on the wall or in an adjacent room)
  • iMac or equivalent Bluetooth equipped computer

[amazon_link asins=’B01N175UXB,B06XR6Q2V9,B06Y63VZT7,B00ZAEOZ2A,B06Y5Z1WSB’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’ALB-US-ATB1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’711c865c-f43c-11e8-8af6-139c9adf9e2a’]

Once the Flic button is paired to the nearby Bluetooth device, users can use the Flic mobile app or webCoRE to customize the triggers and automations for:

  • Single button top
  • Double button tap
  • Long press + hold

From the manufacturer: Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that acts as a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. With one Flic, you can call a cab, text your loved ones, or turn the lights on.